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Selmo Basics Program Beginner

Where: Training center Fohnsdorf
When: Mo 17.04. - Do 20.04.2023 und Mo 24.04. - Do 27.04.2023
Price: 1.990 € / person - incl. food
Language: German

Week 1:

After the first week, you will understand how to implement an automation project with the Selmo Solution. You can also design and virtually commission simple examples with less complex processes in Selmo Studio.

Week 2:

After the second week, you will be able to independently implement an automation project with a more complex process from process assessment to virtual commissioning. 
After this basic training, you will be able to implement a project using Selmo as a standard.

Learn more about the Academy here.

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Learn programming with the Selmo Studio on-site at the Fohnsdorf training center.

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