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Innovation meets performance – discover the benefits of this unique collaboration

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Cutting-edge control technology

Through the collaboration with CODESYS, the leading IEC 61131-3 automation software, and Selmo's technology, you experience effortless programming without manual code writing. Discover the benefits of this partnership, enabling automation projects to be realized faster, easier, and more reliably.




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Implementing complex projects effortlessly

Selmo provides automation engineers with the ideal solution for extensive projects. Especially with many integrated components, programming can become a challenge.

With Selmo Studio, you keep an overview - with a clear, consistent structure and process modeling at ist core. This transparently outlines in advance which steps are crucial for a smooth commissioning.

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Seamless integration

In industrial facilities, different standards and communication protocols can converge, complicating integration and leading to compatibility issues.

With Selmo, an open standard is automatically adhered to, which already incorporates OPC UA, enabling the full utilization of machine data. This creates an open environment into which new systems can be easily integrated – a clear solution for the smooth collaboration of diverse components in your facility.

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Motion Control ready to use

Take advantage of our pre-developed motion drivers to simplify the setup of motion applications. This not only saves time but also significantly reduces various challenges in implementing motion control.

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Simplified team collaboration & enhanced quality

With Selmo, both programming experts and individuals without extensive programming skills can reliably automate machines and systems in the shortest possible time. Our time-saving solution establishes a unified reference framework for your team, streamlines collaboration, ensures and enhances quality, thereby significantly reducing overall costs.

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Get started right away: Demos for CODESYS Development System V3

Benefit from pre-built demos for Development System V3. Simply download and get started. Click here to access the download area with all the essential resources for your start.

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